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Full Members $5 per Class

Visitors $10 per Class

*See fees and charges for multi class purchase options.

Class Definitions


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) accelerates fat burning through high intensity cardio.  You control your intensity and ultimately the improvements in your strength, power and cardio fitness.  45min class 

PUMP'HITT   A uniquely designed class, combining intense strength exercises to music, coupled with short bursts of cardio exertion.  This class is the ultimate in creating  total body  strength  & cardio fitness.
45min class

ROLLATES is an action packed core workout using all Pilates based exercises performed with the Foam Roller apparatus.  Great for your weekly core express session.  45 mins class

PILATES  will help you improve your balance, flexibility and core strength through a unique exercise system, which emphasises a balanced development of the muscular system through postural strength and skeletal stability.  45min class 

AQUA water based class designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance; without impact on your joints, making our aqua workouts safe and fun.  45min class

RAISE THE BAR  full body workout, that will smash your calories, tone and shape your entire body, using light to moderately weighted bar. The high repetitions and overload effect will give you the ultimate weights workout. 60 or 45 mins.

BODYFLOW combines a fusion of Yoga, Tai-chi and Pilates choreographed to music.  This class will improve your posture, balance, flexibility and assist you in finding your inner calms.  45-55 min class

STEP aerobic exercise distinguished from other types of exercise by its use of an elevated platform, the step.  The height can be tailored to individual needs by adjusting the risers under the step.  Suitable for all fitness levels.  45 min class|

FREESTYLE FRIDAY come along to finish off the week with a challenging class, whether it be weights, cardio, circuit, spin or step.  The class, instructor and format will beannounced weekly on a Monday on Facebook & Instagram.  45 min class

M45 / M30  a cardio & conditioning program consisting of a mix of aerobic and strength exercises.  Each class you will experience different  exercises and timing to achieve incrediable results.

YOGA is a mobility based  session  combining postures and breathing exercises, which are used to build physical strength and flexibility. This class also provides a calming & relaxing effect which aids in relaxation & reducing stress.


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